What is Dorly?
'Dorly' started in 1980 and specialized in creating developmental and educational  dolls, puppets and soft toys, with additional supplementary accessories.
The products are unique for babies and small children, giving them fun and a creative experience and an exiting way of playful learning.
'Dorly's' products are made of fine textiles, stuffed with soft material, that are nice to feel and touch.
They are washable and are tested according the standard institution of Israel.
The creator of the dolls, Maya Price, is a teacher in special education. And so, every new product develops in a process that starts with market requirement research ends up with finding original and unique solutions, and are carefully manufactered to meet the needs of the children and their parents.  
Between 'Dorly's' products you can find marvelous presents for the new mother, baby-presents, toys and plays for the child's room and for day centers:
 - Cuddle and Hug Animals and Dolls
 - Hand-Puppets of various sorts
 - Finger-Puppets
 - Puppets that go with a story
 - soft cushion animals
 - Floor mattress for infants
'Dorly' provides a workplace for the elderly people of the community, who enjoy creating for the future generation.
Dorly, Kibbutz Ein Dor, 19335, Israel, 972-(0)4-6770411